A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the GMTK Jam. The first jam I've ever done. I had no time for art or sound, so everything is done with Unity primitives. I didn't put a general overview of how to play in the game, so if you plan on playing you probably want to read below.


You have a green gun and a red gun. 

Shoot enemies of the same color to damage them.

Shoot enemies of opposite color to upgrade them, making them more powerful.

Upgrading enemies is the only way to get money.

Taking damage gives you a multiplier to your money until the end of the wave (you can see it under your money count).

If something's black then it will damage you. If it's grey, then it's about to turn black.

The enemies damage you if they touch you.

If you make it past the first wave, you'll figure it out from there.

Install instructions

Extract and run the .exe


youweresupposedtobearobot.zip 11 MB